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WikiCalc: A Hybrid Spreadsheet-Wiki From VisiCalc Creator

Question: What do you have when you mate a spreadsheet with a wiki?

Answer: A browser-based open source spreadsheet called wikiCalc.

Released a few days ago in Beta by Dan Bricklin, the father of the spreadsheet, wikiCalc is already in use by individuals and businesses.

"Most people who are using it, don't tell me," said Bricklin, who is president of software develop Software Garden, in an interview Thursday. He said a government agency " he declined to release its name " and some businesses are testing wikiCalc. Bricklin developed the pioneering VisiCalc spreadsheet.

"It's called WikiCalc " and it's appropriately named," he said. "It's a spreadsheet first. Then it's a wiki. You take the data out, make changes, edit it, and put it back. You always use a browser."

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