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When to Dedicate Storage Staff

A tale of two data center meetings, both in organizations with double-digit terabytes of storage to manage and protect...

Cue Meeting 1. Signs of chaos are evident: BlackBerries are buzzing, cellphones are going off, and uncomfortable stares and glances shoot across the conference-room table. The conversation is about the current crisis and how best to cover up the latest problem caused by oversight or lack of sleep.

In Meeting 2, there's an air of calm. Everything is under control. No BlackBerries are buzzing, cellphones are silent, and attention is being paid to me (I love that part). The conversation revolves around planning for the future.

Strangely, both of these meetings occur on the same day, in the same town, and with companies having almost the exact same infrastructure. Further, those companies are in the same industry and they have the same type of data and almost the same database.

What's the difference?

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