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Well, we're finally getting somewhere.

Well, we're finally getting somewhere. Almost all the data is in DB2 now. Just waiting for the customer import to complete. We'll see how that worked in the morning.
I spent some time this morning working with WebSphere Studio writing a web app to access the data that is ready. Very nice... A bit unintuitive at times, but the database access wizard makes it painless. Of course, finding the right DB2 driver was a bit more complicated. I could not find it in the distribution, but it is included with DB2 so I was able to grab it from the app server machine and load it on the development machine and bingo! Instant DB2 access. Now I just have to figure out how to deploy the application.
Our general ledger software should be arriving in the morning. Just in time because the server it will reside on arrived yesterday. That's right - get all the boxes out and more come in. But that's okay, because we are definitely in the home stretch now!