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Webroot Aims To Weed Out Enterprise Spyware

Webroot on Monday shipped Spy Sweeper Enterprise, its corporate-level anti-spyware server-client solution that follows by just a few days the roll-out of a similar product from rival PestPatrol.

The tag used for software loaded surreptitiously on systems, "spyware" typically piggybacks on popular programs such as file-sharing tools. It can be used for relatively innocuous tasks, such as tracking a user's online activity, or can be placed on systems by hackers to later insert key loggers to steal personal data.

Spyware is a major problem according to a survey of more than a million systems that Internet service provider EarthLink and Webroot did in April, when the two companies found nearly 28 pieces of spyware on the average PC. The most recent EarthLink-Webroot spyware audit, said David Moll, the chief executive officer of Webroot, showed an even more disturbing trend.

"[April's survey] was scary enough, but in our newest audit we discovered half a million key loggers on the million and a half machines investigated," Moll said of the yet-unpublished numbers.

"Spyware is a serious privacy invasion issue, especially in any enterprise where there's sensitive data, such as financial services, the high-tech industry, the legal community, and health care," Moll added.

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