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WatchGuard Firebox X2500 Offers Multiple Tool Management

Ports and All

I installed the Firebox X2500 on my home lab LAN behind a cable modem and router. On the protected side of the Firebox X, I connected a five-port Ethernet switch with a Windows 2000 Server and a Windows 2000 client, which also acted as the Firebox management station.

WatchGuard Firebox X2500

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The Firebox X comes with a serial port for optional console connection and six switched Ethernet ports. Port 0 is the outbound connection; Port 1, the inside trusted connection. Ports 2 through 5 can be used to segment your network, though only Port 2 was working on my Firebox X. The remaining ports, which can be enabled by purchasing the appropriate license, are routed IP ports, not switched ports.

One hitch I discovered is that the Firebox cannot be managed remotely--rather than access the management software through a Web interface, you must install it on a local PC. WatchGuard says it expects to deliver a Web interface later this year.

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