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The War Against Spyware Is A Waste

Congress is at it again. Wasting their time, your tax dollars and playing Don Quixote. What are they doing this time, you ask? They are going after Spyware.

Now, let me be clear, Spyware is a "PIA". It sucks the life out of your computer, and compromises your personal privacy. It is also done without your knowledge.

That being said, did any other bill that was passed by the Congress regulating the Internet do anything? Remember the anti-spam bill? I get thousands of pieces of spam each day. Who exactly won that war?

How bout the "Do Not Call" registry? Are you like me, and still getting calls, from your phone company, the chimney people, and the banks? I do, and every phone I own, including my cell phone numbers, are on that list!

Techweb News (April 30, 2004) said this:

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