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VxWin Extension Gets Real-Time Networking Prowess

Tustin, Calif.—KUKA Controls GmbH has successfully integrated its VxWin operating system extension with Real-Time Innovations Inc.’s Network Data Distribution Services (NDDS). As a result, you can take full advantage of both systems without the need to modify either one.

VxWin lets Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system and Microsoft’s Windows XP Embedded run on the same host processor with no loss of real-time performance or the need to modify either operating system. NDSS is an open-architecture networking platform that connects networked applications with multiple data sources to communicate real-time data through an API.

VxWin runs in a hardware-protected area of memory and, because it’s unaffected by Windows events, ensures fail-safe real-time operation. For its part, NDSS, which supports the Object Management Group’s Data Distribution Service standard v1.0, runs unaltered on a VxWin system and communicates over VxWin’s shared memory UDP/IP network using its publish/subscribe DDS and without external network interfaces.

Development seats for VxWin are priced at $9,460 each. Run-time licenses sell for $154 each in low volume and $25 each in high volume.

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