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Vulnerabilities Taking Bigger Bite out of Macs

We've touched upon this subject before -- the fact that contrary to popular belief, the Macintosh platform is not threat and vulnerability resistant. According to, the folks at Symantec have reported over 37 high-vulnerabilities in Mac OS X this past year.

Granted, the Mac's security track record is a lot better than its Windows counterparts -- but most experts agree that's simply because the Mac's share of the user pie is that much smaller, making them a smaller target for malicious activity.

With the arrival of the Mac Mini on the scene, however, all that could change very quickly. The average, not-so-security-savvy user will no doubt be eagerly eyeing the inexpensive computer. And you can bet as they quickly disappear off the shelves, the hackers will be taking notice, and quickly update their armaments to adversely affect the new Mac adoptees.

The bottom line here is use your common sense. Having a picture of a half-bitten apple on the side of your computer isn't going to amount to much when you can't access your files thanks to malicious code. Whatever your platform is -- it's vulnerable.