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Vonage Ads Delivered Via A Dozen Spyware Makers: Report

Vonage engages in "widespread and substantial spyware-delivered advertising" with notorious spyware vendors, and its ads are sometimes displayed at sexually explicit sites, says well-known anti-spyware researcher Ben Edelman

Edelman, in his most recent newsletter, charges that Vonage advertising appears in ads from at least a dozen software makers that he identifies as spyware makers, including 180solutions, Intermix, Direct Revenue, and eXact Advertising, among others.

Edelman cites one instance in which Vonage paid Direct Revenue $31,570 in a single month in 2005. He adds that the New York Attorney General, in its litigation against Intermix, specifically documented Vonage's ads appearing in Intermix KeenValue pop-ups.

In his newsletter, Edelman shows numerous instances of Vonage ads being displayed by what he called spyware makers. For example, he claims that Targetsaver displays popup ads for Vonage "in unseemly locations, such as when users browse sexually-explicit sites."

In addition, Edelman says that in some instances, Vonage pop-up ads, via spyware, appear when people visit telecom sites.

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