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Voltaire, Terrascale Pool Resources

Voltaire Inc. today hooked up with clustered file system startup Terrascale Technologies Inc. in an effort to pick up steam in storage and help InfiniBand move up the ranks among high-performance computing (HPC) interconnect technologies (see Voltaire Launches Routers).

Voltaire will support Terrascale's parallel and clustered file system to allow companies to connect servers with direct-attached storage into a distributed file system, or to use InfiniBand for a NAS backbone.

Terrascale provides software for running pooled storage on multiple servers without the need for an additional file system (see Terrascale Plans I/O Onslaught). InfiniBand gives Terrascale a high-speed, low-latency backbone over which to run its file system.

"The limitation with Terrascale has been, 'How do I connect to 100 servers?' " says analyst Arun Taneja of the Taneja Group. "Well, I can connect through Ethernet, but I'll pay the price with Ethernet being 1-Gbit/s throughput and high latency. Connectivity with InfiniBand will boost performance."

Voltaire marketing VP Arun Jain says he hopes the Terrascale relationship will help to make InfiniBand more of a storage play. "We are an interconnect company, and now we'll focus on the storage side," he says.

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