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VMware Reports 300 in Program

SAN FRANCISCO -- At VMworld 2007,
Inc., the virtualization leader, today announced that more than 300 academic

institutions are participating in its Academic Program in which its products

and resources are available free-of-charge to qualified academic
for research and teaching and its source code is made available to qualified

academic institutions for research and publication.

As part of the program, VMware plans to release an online Academic
Community Center later this year that will feature courseware, research
papers, discussion groups and other valuable resources designed to enhance
research and instruction in the area of virtualization. Registration will
free and anyone who elects to join the Academic Community Center will be
to download content as well as share their own content with the Community.

"VMware itself grew out of academic research and many of our earliest
customers were at universities. The VMware Academic Program is our way of
contributing back to academia by making our products available
for research and teaching," said Dr. Stephen Herrod, Vice President of
Technology Development at VMware. "We have more than 300 academic
worldwide taking advantage of the program today, and we look forward to
working with them and others to further accelerate research in the area of
Participants in the VMware Academic Program include Boston University,
Brigham Young, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, Cornell, Duke, Georgia
Institute of Technology, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Pennsylvania State
Princeton, Purdue, Rochester Institute of Technology, Singapore Polytechnic,

Stanford, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hebrew University of
Jerusalem, Tokyo Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of
Genoa, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo.
"The VMware Academic Program is of particular benefit to both research
teaching of operating systems concepts," said Dr. Richard West, Associate
Professor of Computer Science Department at Boston University. "I have used
VMware software in my operating systems courses for several years, so that
students can safely develop kernel-level policies and mechanisms in a
machine environment without disrupting the underlying host operating system.

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