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VMware Intros Recovery Manager

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- VMware, Inc., the
virtualization leader, today announced VMware Site Recovery Manager, a
pioneering new product for disaster recovery automation. The new software
will be among the many products and solutions showcased this week at VMworld
2007 in San Francisco.

"Disaster recovery is one of the key factors driving customer adoption and
standardization on the VMware Infrastructure platform," said Raghu Raghuram,
vice president of products and solutions at VMware. "VMware Site Recovery
Manager introduces disaster recovery automation and management capabilities to
reduce the risk, cost and complexity of organizations' disaster recovery

Although organizations face an urgent need for effective disaster
recovery, recovery from site failures remains one of the most difficult and
complex aspects of IT. Traditional disaster recovery solutions are slow and
prone to failures because they involve many manual and complex steps, are
difficult to test, and require expensive duplication of the production data
center infrastructure to ensure reliable recovery. As a result, organizations
find themselves unable to provide sufficient disaster recovery protection for
more than a small subset of their production systems.

VMware Site Recovery Manager is designed to simplify and automate the
disaster recovery process so that customers can reliably recover from data
center outages in hours rather than days. Working with VMware Infrastructure,
VMware Site Recovery Manager can help eliminate the complexity and
unreliability of manual recovery and also eliminate the cost and complexity of
maintaining duplicate but idle infrastructure at a recovery site.

"Growing awareness of the business consequences of data center outages and
regulations including SOX and HIPPA that mandate disaster recovery are helping
to raise awareness of the importance and preparation required to ensure
successful recovery. Server virtualization solutions are actually enabling
faster and more reliable disaster recovery," said Mark Bowker, analyst for
Enterprise Strategy Group. "VMware Site Recovery Manager provides an
effective way to simplify and automate disaster recovery in order to rapidly
restore business operations when disasters occur."

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