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Vizioncore Unveils vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP

Buffalo Grove, IL, 21 May 2009 - Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in virtualization data protection and management solutions, today unveiled the latest version of its popular backup and recovery tool for virtual environments, vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP (Data Protection Platform). This version incorporates major next-generation advances over previous versions and builds on Vizioncore's heritage as a leading force in the virtualization market. With quantum leaps in scalability, built-in intelligence and advanced functionality, vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP is designed to enable enterprises of all sizes to easily and reliably protect their critical data held on virtual machines (VMs).

As more companies are supporting more business critical applications on VMs, they are seeking state-of-the-art applications that fully support rapid and reliable backup and recovery in virtualized production environments. vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP will provide a fully-customizable GUI management console allowing administrators to schedule and perform entire image, incremental or differential backups of their virtual infrastructure, all while the machines remain running. In addition, compressed backups stored on a local SAN or at remote locations can be quickly restored; data, applications, configurations settings and all other OS-level changes benefit from an Instant File Level Restore, putting the minds of both IT and business at ease, should the worst happen and systems fail.

vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP will be released in three phases during the next year, adding further functionalities with each iteration. Features in this initial release include:

??? Flexible backup and restore options - full, incremental or differential
??? Instant File Level Restore
??? Backup and restore to/from SFTP and CIFS repositories
??? Reduced backup window by using all available ESX hosts to perform multiple
simultaneous backups
??? Direct to target backups
??? Resource Manager to control throughput
??? PowerShell access
??? Supports multiple VMware ESX platforms, including vSphere
??? Full integration with VMware vCenter and vMotion

"As datacenters continue to evolve, we stay one step ahead with our data protection evolution," said Chris Akerberg, President and Chief Operating Officer, Vizioncore. "This latest version of vRanger Pro is the data protection platform required to truly support this evolution - it is scalable, flexible and feature rich for the largest of organizations, yet simple, intuitive and cost effective for the SMB. We've taken all we have learned from our thousands of deployments during the last four years and rebuilt our 4.0 product to once again set the standard for what customers should expect for data protection in their virtual environments."

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