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Vizioncore Delivers Monitoring

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in virtual server management, today announced the availability of vCharter Pro, the first enterprise-class, performance monitoring and management solution for large-scale virtualization deployments.

Powered by Foglight® from Quest Software, vCharter Pro provides views of different infrastructure layers from entire data centers through to ESX clusters, resource pools, shared storage and even individual virtual machines. vCharter Pro also allows administrators to pinpoint resource contention among CPU, memory, disk or NICs, as well as capture key metrics over time for historical trending and reporting.

“Organizations implementing virtualization often start small then accelerate the pace and scale of deployment as they see the significant benefits the technology delivers,” said Chris Akerberg, Vizioncore President and Chief Operating Officer. “As customers build fully-virtualized enterprise data centers, performance and manageability become key concerns for users, who often don’t have the time or resources to understand and address everything that is going on in their environment. vCharter Pro delivers a wealth of metrics on activity and performance at different levels within the virtualized infrastructure and alerts customers on potential issues and bottlenecks, as well as ways to address these problems. As an increasing amount of critical, highly transactional workloads are virtualized, performance issues are only likely to increase, and we see this as a compelling case for a product like vCharter Pro.”

Vizioncore Inc.