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Virtual servers; Open-Source Security; Backup management


Turbolinux has introduced Cluster Server 8 for two and 10 nodes. The software, which creates a virtual server to handle additional load, offers load balancing as well as hardware and software recovery to enable continuous Web service. Cluster Server provides a transparent, unified network view that's customizable and scalable for Linux, Windows or Sun Solaris. Most any TCP/IP service running on more than one machine at a time--including Web sites (HTTP, HTTPS), FTP, e-mail (SMPT, POP3 and IMAP), news (NNTP), DNS, and DB2 or Oracle databases--can be clustered. Cluster Server uses SSL plus encryption to provide security. $1,549 for two nodes; $2,299 for 10 nodes. Turbolinux, (760) 318-0495.


Organizations with disparate platforms should check out LXI Universal Client Backup, which promises control, management and backup through iSeries, Unix, IBM AIX or Linux servers running LXI's MMS storage-management applications or TMS/ix storage-management software. With the software, backup policies can be administered from one location, reducing backup time and allowing storage resources to be shared across the enterprise. Starts at $2,500 for five client licenses. LXI Corp., (800) 226-6526, (214) 260-9002.


As part of an upgrade to version 3.0 of Debian GNU/Linux (aka "woody"), security updates are now issued within 48 hours of notification and available for free download at At this site, Debian users can subscribe to a free e-mail security announcement newsletter and sign up to get the latest security updates. Debian GNU/Linux is an open-source Linux operating system that's maintained by its community and available for free download. You can also purchase Debian software through a vendor, with a portion of the price going to support the community. Free. Debian.

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