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Viral Video Of The Week: Is There A Doctor In The House?

Yes, actually, two of them.

It's no secret that here on our staff there's a few fans of "Doctor Who," the long-running British sci-fi show. The Doctor is such a cultural phenomenon in the U.K. that families gather around the telly to watch the show pretty religiously. And while it's not as mainstream here in the States, the fan base is still pretty solid -- we suspect some of our readers are fans as well. The show is on seasonal hiatus right now, but that didn't stop the Doctor from making a special appearance on the U.K.'s annual "Children in Need" charity show.

In this mini-episode, "Time Crash," the current Doctor encounters a familiar face -- namely one of his past selves, played by "Doctor Who" alumnus Peter Davison.

So while this doesn't exactly fit into the category of 'viral video,' I still wanted to share.