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Video Downloads Make Up 61% Of All File Sharing Traffic: Survey

Video downloads make up 61% of file-sharing traffic and audio downloads make up 11% of the four leading peer-sharing networks, according to a new market study by CacheLogic.

The company claims this is the first time such a study has been done on peer-sharing networks. It was based on actual packet data and traffic levels analyzed at Tier-ONE ISPs worldwide. CacheLogic analyzed terabytes of data in compiling the survey.

The study found that BitTorrent is increasingly being used for the distribution of legitimate content, although eDonkey is now the network of choice for video file trading. The study also found that:

  • Microsoft video formats represent 46% of aggregate worldwide peer-to-peer traffic
  • 65% of all audio files by volume of traffic are MP3 format
  • A surprising 12.3% of audio files are in the open-source OGG file format