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Vertical Focus: Movie Studios Meet 3D Storage Challenge

Movie studios are bracing for a storage explosion tied to the launch of new 3D technologies that could revolutionize film-making.

Users, particularly in the animation sector, are facing a major storage challenge with the advent of "stereoscopic 3D," a high-definition version of the filming method that provides a three-dimensional view of objects and landscapes.

"It's quite exciting -- it's being able to see three-dimensional depth in the movies," explains Ed Leonard, CTO of Dreamworks. "All the big filmmakers, all the big talent, like Spielberg and Zemeckis, are working in stereoscopic."

Dreamworks is already planning its first stereoscopic 3D release, a movie called Monsters vs. Aliens, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2009. This will be followed by another stereoscopic offering, called How to Train Your Dragon.

The CTO expects these films to have a serious impact on his storage infrastructure, particularly when it comes to rendering, or building, detailed 3D images. "It will double everything," he explains. "With stereoscopic 3D, you have two eyes to render at the same time. That one Pbyte of storage could be two and a half Pbytes."

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