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Verizon Booting Hundreds Of MCI Agents And Squeezing Rest

Verizon to select MCI agents: Sign our restrictive partner contract, then we'll tell you what your sales quotas are.

This is just one remarkable highlight of the much-anticipated 2007 Verizon Solution Provider Program (VSPP) contract which the New York-based carrier delivered right before Thanksgiving to a fraction of the MCI partners it won with this year's merger of the two Baby Bells, according to nearly a dozen legacy MCI agents and several others involved with the VSPP effort.

"It's absurd. [Verizon is] basically saying 'sign your life away and I'll give you a quota in the end,'" one large legacy MCI master agent said of the VSPP contract.

By offering only 80 or so legacy MCI agents the 2007 VSPP contract, Verizon is, in effect, saying to hundreds of other legacy MCI agents they are not welcome as official Verizon partners, sources said.

The large number of legacy MCI agents not offered contracts were weeded out during a recruitment phase that began in September with one-on-one interviews between Verizon management and legacy MCI agents.

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