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Verari Intros Intel SSD Blades

SAN DIEGO -- Verari Systems, a premier developer of energy efficient data center consolidation platforms utilizing independent blade-based computing and storage solutions, today announced the addition of Intel’s X-25M SATA solid state drives (SSDs) into its BladeRack® 2 X-Series platforms. Solid state drives utilize flash memory to store and retrieve data, yielding response times that are an order of magnitude faster than the fastest hard disk drives and require dramatically less power and cooling to operate. By becoming the first in the industry to offer Intel SSDs in storage blades, Verari is providing its customers with the highest density storage system available on the market today which requires dramatically less power and cooling to operate.

“Verari’s incorporation of Intel’s SSDs into our compute and storage arrays gives our customers with extreme performance and reliability needs a huge performance and competitive advantage,” said David Driggers, chief technology officer, Verari Systems. “By handling the same server workload in less space with less cooling requirements and lower power consumption, Verari is helping tackle performance challenges that no other solution can match.”

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