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Verari CEO Highlights HPC Trends

SAN DIEGO -- David Driggers, chief technology officer and co-founder of Verari Systems, today identified two key trends that will have major impact on the high-end computing market in 2008. As a recognized authority in the super cluster computing industry and drawing on years of experience, Driggers released the following predictions to time with SC07, being held at Reno-Sparks Conventions Center, Reno, Nevada November 10-16:

  • Centralized Desktops will start to proliferate in computing intensive environments that rely on visualization as their primary interface. Major investments in markets such as financial trading, graphic design and seismology will be made to provide a lot of computing power behind the screen rather than a simple desk side server. Diskless PCs running virtually on the server provide the combination of rich-user experience and centralized operating system storage.
  • Solid state disks will provide a new tier in storage. Solid state disks mixed with conventional hard disk drives will create a much higher performance storage structure at very cost effective system prices.

“For hardware vendors attending SC07 in Reno our message is this – 2008 will be seen as the year the evolutionary forces of virtualization and storage and server integration become mainstream,” said Driggers. “Network-centric environments to the point where the data center becomes the network and the emergence of a new tier in storage will simplify data center complexity and cut costs while providing IT managers with the performance and scalability they need to address the demand for increasingly powerful networks.”

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