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Utimaco Unveils Olympics Security Tips

OBERURSEL, Germany -- Utimaco With the Olympic Games barely days away – and with the event raising questions about any major event’s IT security preparedness, Utimaco, the Data Security Company, today unveiled specific recommendations for corporate IT directors and security managers faced with encryption and data leakage protection (DLP) challenges in their own organizations.

Even with millions of dollars spent by Games organizers on building the IT infrastructure for the Games, attendees – including athletes, fans, officials and representatives from foreign nations – can remain vulnerable to data loss and theft, as thousands of handheld devices and laptop computers will travel with them to the Games. Similarly, most companies’ employees, customers and business partners face similar vulnerabilities given the many unprotected devices and laptops in use every day.

While outdated perceptions of encryption and data leakage protection (DLP) still exist, the reality has changed dramatically. Today, data encryption solutions are fast, simple, secure, and transparent to the user. Utimaco’s Chief Product Officer Malte Pollmann has unveiled several top tips for corporate IT and security managers who need to safeguard organizational data. According to Malte, organizations must be as aggressive as the Olympic Games officials in safeguarding their data and they must:

  1. Be Fast: Ensure that the encryption and DLP solutions installed can run “in the background” so they don’t negatively impact workflow or system performance. In fact, some of today’s best solutions enhance system performance by using the most sophisticated and efficient algorithms and compression tools.
  2. Be Simple: Effective encryption solutions must be easily rolled out via an enterprise’s network without end user involvement. An encryption and DLP system that seamlessly integrates with back-end systems and end users’ computers is key. The best solutions are those that don’t demand extensive set up or increase administrative overhead, yet can be quickly deployed without user intervention or training
  3. Be Secure: If data is encrypted, it does not inflict damage if someone breaches an enterprise because the data can’t be read or used. Not only does 100% encryption offer a company peace of mind, it frees corporate resources that were previously devoted to perimeter security. While still important, extraordinary perimeter security measures are not as critical if the data itself is adequately protected.
  4. Be Powerful: The best solutions, based on worldwide industry standards, mitigate the possibility of data corruption by encoding and decoding data without fail. The solution must also be robust enough to ensure that the enterprise is in full compliance with all applicable legislative mandates. Of course, the encryption tool should reflect and support—not alter—the company’s organization-wide security policies.
  5. Be Transparent: Organizations won’t use any security solution if it negatively affects the manner in which users send or receive data. An effective encryption solution allows an organization to secure content transparently without impacting the enterprise’s workflow, requiring user training, or forcing users to change their work habits.
  6. Be Mobile: An encryption solution should protect data wherever it is stored,
    whether it be on an individual PC, the corporate network, a PDA, a smart phone, a network storage device, or an e-mail server. This way, users have the freedom to access vital company data from their office, while on the road, from a customer’s facility, or from anywhere else they might conduct business. If a device is ever lost or stolen, or a hacker breaks into a corporate network, data protection is assured.

“The Olympic Games officials have done an admirable job in ensuring the IT security precautions they’ve taken will adequately protect the huge amounts of sensitive data at the Games,” said Malte Pollman, Chief Product Officer, Utimaco. “The Olympic Games have once again put IT security in the spotlight and corporate IT and security managers must leverage their people and advanced technologies to safeguard their organizations.”

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