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Users Welcome Super-Deal

Users' desire to lock down their storage systems prompted EMC to throw down more than $2 billion for RSA security last night, according to the vendor's CEO Joe Tucci. (See EMC Buys RSA, and EMC's Blockbuster.)

"Customers are demanding that we do this -- they want the security built in, not bolted on," Tucci said on a conference call last night.

At a grass-roots level, some initial response appears to confirm Tucci's talk. "The integration of security management in hardware, as opposed to a plug-in, is a good move," said Sanin Rahman, a member of the South East EMC Documentum User Group (SEDUG).

Rahman, who is also a software engineer at Marietta, Georgia-based content management consulting firm Armedia, explained that security add-ons are often a pain-point for users. "Oftentimes you have all these different components that come together, and they are not always compatible," he said. "They don't work as they are supposed to."

Another user also thinks the merger is a great idea. Rafael Rodriguez, Associate CIO of Durham, North Carolina-based Duke University Medical Center, which relies on EMC hardware to support its SAP system, was not at all surprised by the RSA acquisition. "It does seem to make sense," he told Byte and Switch. "Obviously, with financial and healthcare institutions, something that we're always concerned about is protecting the confidentiality of the data."

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