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Users Vent About Electric Power Struggle

SAN FRANCISCO -- VMworld -- Lack of standards for measuring storage and server hardware, antiquated data centers, and high-density equipment are all adding to users' energy problems, according to CIOs and IT managers on a panel here yesterday.

"There's really no way for vendors, or people who are purchasing servers, storage, or routers, to fairly compare the energy performance of different manufacturers' products," said Andrew Fanara, product team leader of the U.S. government's EPA Energy Star program. "There's no industry-accepted test procedure to measure products."

Spiraling power costs have been an ongoing problem for users over the last few years, both in the public and the private sectors.

Fanara explained that the U.S. government's power bill is now north of $600 million, and he urged storage and server vendors to help solve this problem. "We would suggest that the industry, in cooperation with the federal government, help to set industry standards that everyone would abide by."

An EPA report, released last month, revealed that U.S. data centers could shave up to $4.4 billion off their overall electricity costs. It highlights virtualization as one way for users to tackle the problem.

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