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Users Self-Destruct on Governance

NEW YORK -- C3EXPO -- Cultural challenges still stand in the way of a firm's attempts to manage its data for compliance purposes, warned Steve Adler, program director of IBM's data governance business. (See IDC: 'Users, Do Your Homework' and CA's Clarke: SOX Driving IM.) But Adler, delivering the keynote here today, suggested that ILM could help firms meet this challenge.

"What often gets in the way when we try to govern data?" he asked attendees. "It's the organization itself."

Underlining this point, Adler explained that the business and IT sides of an organization often see data differently. Business execs, he said, see data as "the raw material of revenue generation." But on the IT side, users typically see data purely in terms of cost. "Its that darn stuff that we have got to maintain."

In order to get past these issues, Adler urged users to undertake a "data governance" project "to find out what people recognize, understand, and know."

The Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act, passed in response to the scandals at Enron, WorldCom, et al, requires company managers to attest that they have established and maintain internal control over their company’s financial reporting. (See Gartner: Sarbanes Struggle Continues and SEC Extends Sarbanes Compliance.)

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