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Unisys Enhances Managed Security Services Offering

Unisys Corporation today announced that it has added the Security Event and Log Management solution to its Unisys Managed Security Services (MSS) offering. This new solution gives clients enhanced capabilities to identify and deflect potential cybersecurity breaches as they emerge from anywhere in the enterprise IT infrastructure, as well as to create and maintain the detailed audit trails of threats and responses increasingly required by regulatory and industry bodies. This solution can help clients lower costs by reducing the amount of resources and the number of personnel required for cybersecurity-related tracking and reporting.

"Regulations governing management of information security technology and access logs are evolving as fast as the technology itself," says Sam Gross, VP, Global IT Outsourcing Solutions, Unisys. "Our clients must find a way to balance protection and regulatory compliance without ratcheting up their operational costs. The Unisys Security Event and Log Management solution enables them to do that by leveraging Unisys expertise in management of cybersecurity technology and global service delivery."

The Security Event and Log Management solution is an integral part of the Unisys MSS suite. It enables service personnel in Unisys Security Operations Centers who monitor and manage security infrastructure for clients to track, record and correlate potential cybersecurity breaches occurring across the entire network, from mobile devices to firewalls and servers.

The Security Event and Log Management solution has a wide range of "connectors": software capabilities that enable it to gather information from a variety of devices and monitoring systems. This allows clients to retain and leverage security assets in which they have already made an investment.

Based on the industry-leading ArcSight Logger and ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager offerings, the new Unisys solution provides powerful correlation-engine capabilities and an integrated, "single pane of glass" view. Together, these capabilities enable service personnel to conduct real-time forensic analysis of the incoming cybersecurity-event information.

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