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Unisys Delivers Metered Storage

BLUE BELL, Pa. -- Continuing to extend its innovative offerings around pay-for-use solutions in real-time IT infrastructures, Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) today announced two new global offerings - Metered Storage and Managed Utility Storage. These solutions enable clients to access storage in real time, in lockstep with their dynamic business needs, while paying only for the storage they use.

The Metered Storage solution is for clients that elect to manage their own storage infrastructure, while the Managed Utility Storage solution is for clients choosing to outsource their storage needs. The solutions offer a range of benefits, including minimized capital costs, immediate availability of required storage capacity and reduced administration.

EMCs market-leading information infrastructure provides the backbone for the Unisys Metered Storage and Managed Utility Storage solutions.

With Unisys innovative “cost follows benefit” pricing model, storage use is measured by gigabytes per month (GBMs). A customer purchases GBMs for a contracted period of time for a price per GBM based on their specific requirements. Unisys provides monthly usage data based on GBMs, which can be broken down by departmental or application-specific requirements. This provides IT organizations with a clear understanding of their overall usage and the capability to charge-back storage costs to specific business departments based on actual usage. Because the storage capacity is delivered when and where it is needed, the areas of the business that use storage resources most extensively can be provided with the most storage.

Pay-for-use storage extends the solutions for metered computing-power usage that Unisys already offers on its ClearPath and ES7000/one Enterprise Servers.

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