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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

You should know we
settled on one or two ground rules. First, we made it a point that all our
best-bet gift ideas must be fun the first day they're received, not in some
vaporware-like haze of the future, when the software finally gets written or
all the functionality is eventually turned on. Just say no to brand-new
platforms. We're all about instant gratification.

Second, the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide is highly selective. No me-too
products. Nothing beige. The high-tech gadgets and high-end electronics that
made our list did so because they're white-hot, wicked cool, sick, intense,
and insert the totally far-out adjective of your choice here. So read
on. And don't forget to add TechWeb to your holiday list. We need this stuff

Brought To You By...
The 2005 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide was such a big undertaking that TechWeb
Pipelines Editor Scot Finnie enlisted George Jones, former
Editor-in-Chief of Maximum PC, to co-author it. TechWeb's Features
Editor extraordinaire, Valerie Potter, was the story editor. Our
top-notch Reviews Editor, Barbara Krasnoff, contributed much to this
piece both behind the scenes and as a writer, as did TechWeb staffers
Justin Launderville and Rose Circeo. We'd also like to thank
several of our significant technology advisors, including Fred Langa, Bill
O'Brien, Mike Elgan, Fredric Paul, Brian Carlson, Jim Freund
, and Mitch

Limiting your entertainment hours to your living room is just too yesterday
for words. Today's audiophiles, video viewers, and serious gamers are totally
unwired, unattached, and unrestricted. These great gifts will get you off the
couch and into the flow.

Personal Audio Player:
Apple iPod nano 4GB

There are two ways we can go about this. Let's start with the right brain. The
iPod nano is
quite possibly the most elegant piece of hardware ever to grace a
music-lover's palms. In a word, the nano is pure cool. The left-brained
analysis boils down to one phrase: 0.27ths of an inch. That's the thickness of
the iPod nano — just a hair over a quarter-inch.

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