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Tucci Taps Virtuous Information

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A record gathering of more than 7,000 EMC customers, partners, technologists and members of the news media and analyst communities joined EMC today in Orlando for the annual EMC World conference. In his opening keynote address, Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman, President and CEO described how the world has crossed over into what he termed the "Virtuous Cycle of Information" in which the massive information scale-up across creators and consumers, combined with ubiquitous network bandwidth, information processing and storage capacity, has resulted in an information explosion of unprecedented proportion.

"We all share a passion for information in our lives; the self-perpetuating nature of information creation is now a constant," Tucci said. "We all want complete information access, no matter where we are or what time of day or night. As information grows, the virtuous cycle starts again users become creators."

Tucci added, "By 2010, nearly three quarters of the world's digital information will be created by individuals, not corporations. About 85% of that information will live under the watch and care of large enterprises and their information infrastructures for managing availability, security, privacy and compliance. To make it happen, we're going to need the skills of everyone in this room."

"The fate of the world's great information treasures rests in the hands of professionals who rely on technology to do their jobs and the organizations that fuel those technology innovations," said Daniel S. Morrow, Chief Historian Emeritus, and founding Executive Director, Computerworld Smithsonian Awards and Computerworld Honors Programs. "It's inspiring to see how EMC's role in helping the world preserve and protect information has grown. Its dedication to the stewardship of the world's yet-to-be-digitized cultural treasures and its dedication to empower others engaged in that great work are core traits to be admired."

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