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Trusted Computing Group Issues Storage Specs

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) today released final versions of three storage specifications that will enable stronger data protection, help organizations comply with increasingly tough regulations, and help protect important information from loss and theft. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse estimates that in the United States alone, 251,154,519 records have been lost or stolen since January 2005*. Some 12,000 notebook PCs are lost or stolen in airports in the United States, with only 33 percent recovered by owners.**

Said Robert Thibadeau, chair, Trusted Computing Group Storage Work Group, Lost and stolen data costs industry and consumers hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention loss of credibility, legal issues and lost productivity. TCG’s approach to Trusted Storage gives vendors and users a transparent way to fully encrypt data in hardware without affecting performance so that data is safe no matter what happens to the drive.”

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