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Tokutek Upgrades Storage Engine

“If you need to store large amounts of data and query it immediately, most MySQL storage engines fall short,” said Curt A. Monash, Ph.D., President of Monash Research. “For users who need latency in the sub-10 second range, Tokutek tells a very appealing story.”

Customers in diverse markets such as ad targeting and network monitoring find that ever increasing data rates, database sizes, and query complexity eventually strain MySQL’s capabilities. Users often resort to awkward and expensive workarounds such as aggregating data to keep data set size manageable, adding additional servers or main memory to handle the load, or sharding or partitioning to reduce data set size. TokuDB v2.0 eliminates the need for these workarounds by greatly increasing MySQL’s performance while retaining full MySQL compatibility.

“Tokutek’s mission is to firmly establish MySQL as a first tier enterprise class database, especially for customers who need to simultaneously query and store live data,” said Tokutek CEO, John Partridge. “With new technologies like SSD and high core count hardware becoming available, it is essential that MySQL take full advantage - and our Fractal Tree technology does exactly that.”

Users with an existing MySQL deployment at its performance limit as well as those who are considering different databases for new projects are invited to visit Tokutek’s booth and learn more at the 2009 MySQL User Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA on April 20-23. For whitepapers, downloads, and more information please visit