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TippingPoint Takes On Spyware

TippingPoint Technologies Monday unveiled antispyware capabilities for its UnityOne flagship device.

The intrusion-prevention solution vendor is expected to deliver the new capabilities immediately for free to existing customers through its Digital Vaccine remote update service, which is available as an add-on for UnityOne.

Dave Endler, director of the Digital Vaccine service, said that with the new technology, UnityOne devices will be able to stop a variety of forms of malware, including adware, keystroke loggers and more. Endler added that with a service like Digital Vaccine, which constantly increases its database of known threats, customers can be protected from all of the latest problems.

"Some of these spyware applications have many variants," he said. "It's important to be able to not only offer spyware protection, but the ability to protect against this stuff over time."

According to Endler, the Digital Vaccine service will update all customer devices whenever updates are available. He estimated that new protections would come out once or twice a month, depending on the threats.

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