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Tech Innovators Hit The Stage At Demo

Dozens of companies took their turn on the stage at Demo 2006 in Phoenix Tuesday.
They each had six short minutes to demonstrate the software, hardware, or services they hoped would propel them to the top of their respective markets.

Web collaboration, security, search, social networking and voice over Internet protocol ((VoIP) are some technologies users can expect from emerging technology companies this year.

During the last 18 months the industry has been building toward a crescendo that fulfills the applications talked about for the past several years, according to Chris Shipley, the conference's executive producer. "We adopt the tools that have allowed us to be most productive," she said. "We don't stop being productive at six in the evening."

Shipley said there is a wide overlap of products that appeals to both businesses and consumers. This gray area will only widen in the year ahead and business and personal computing will merge.

The first product introduced was MooBella LLC, an Ice Cream kiosk that dispenses a freshly made scoop of ice cream. The kiosk runs on a Linux operating system and can track inventory in real time and receive machine alerts wirelessly.

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