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Tech Analysis: Does Google Desktop 3 Beta Pose A Serious Risk?

In the world of software, one person's feature can be another's bug. So it is with the recently released Google Desktop 3 Beta.

Google Desktop began life as a desktop search product, giving you the ability to find e-mail, files, and recently-visited Web pages. Version 2, released last fall, introduced the Sidebar, the feature that put news and RSS feeds on your computer desktop — and revealed a Google that was transforming itself from a simple search vendor to a software developer and content provider.

Version 3 Beta refocuses on desktop search, but one new feature — Search Across Computers (SAC) — is giving security and IT professionals nightmares about keeping data safe and private.

SAC enables users to find files across all their computers.
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SAC enables users to find files across all their computers — so, for example, they can access their desktop PC at work while traveling with a notebook. Sounds really useful, right? And so far, it's not available in any other of the leading free desktop search tools like Copernic or Yahoo! Desktop (based on X1).

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