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Tandberg Announces Green Initiative

BOULDER, Colo. -- Tandberg Data (OSE: TAD), a global supplier of backup and archiving solutions, today announced a new program called Rebates for Recycling, a green” initiative that helps IT managers save money as they help save the planet by reducing energy consumption. Tandberg Data’s Rebates for Recycling provides significant incentives – from $50 to $600 – for those who sign up to recycle old, inefficient tape storage devices and replace them with new, high-efficiency tape storage products.

The new Rebates for Recycling program from Tandberg Data responds to an EPA report indicating that 90% of U.S. data centers will experience power failures and brownouts in 2008 and that 50% of large data centers will fall short of the needed power and cooling capacity to operate their high-density storage equipment by the end of this year, thus making energy consumption a critical concern for data center managers.

“As IT and storage administrators upgrade their data protection solutions, we want to give them a green incentive to recycle their old storage device in favor of a new one with a smaller footprint, higher capacity, and greater energy efficiency,” said Meghan Turner, Director of Marketing for the Americas, Tandberg Data. “Disk and tape both have their place in the data center, but the fact remains that tape is the most energy efficient and most economical data archival solution.”

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