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Synology Unveils Disk Stations for Business

REDMOND, Wash. -- Today, Synology (R), a global provider of networked attached storage devices, announced the launch of the 09 Disk Station models in the U.S., delivering solid value with superior performance, unparalleled storage expansion capabilities, and easy-to-use Disk Station Manager 2.1.

Business Disk Stations

For serious business customers who want an affordable, high-performing, scalable solution, the DS509+ is Synology's flagship model in the Disk Station "Business Class" lineup. Business users will appreciate the high performance and flexibility to expand volumes on the fly. The DS509+'s performance, 5 bays of hot swappable drives, and RAID 0/1/5/6 support makes it ideal for growing businesses looking for automated secure server backups, cross platform file sharing, mail server capabilities and a built-in surveillance system for under $1000.

Additional business class models including the DS409+, a four-bay model, RS409+, a four-bay Disk Station in 1-U format, and the RS409+RP, four-bay with redundant power, will be available in April 2009. The DS109+, single-bay, will be available in May 2009, and the DS209+II, a two-bay model, will be available in summer 2009.

Synology Inc.