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Symantec Unveils New Intrusion Protection System

Symantec on Monday announced a new intrusion prevention defense that when added to existing Symantec enterprise products, can protect applications and operating systems without needing constant updating.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based security vendor also unveiled a simulation tool that models how past major worms spread, and said it plans to expand the tool so that enterprises can simulate how a specific, and current, attack propagates through their own networks.

The intrusion prevention system, dubbed Symantec Critical System Protection 4.5, will defend against day-zero attacks -- exploits for which no patch exists -- and proactively protects applications and OSes on both clients and servers by enforcing behavior-based security policies.

"We're extending the endpoint security infrastructure by adding a layer of robust protection against new malicious threats," said Chirantan Desai, director of product management Symantec's client and host security group, in a statement.

Critical System Protection uses behavior-based techniques to watch for as-yet-unknown threats, includes a high-performance firewall, and also protects against buffer overflow and memory-based exploits, said Symantec.

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