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Symantec Shakes Up Archiving

Symantec will overhaul its archiving story next week in an attempt to cash in on users' growing email paranoia, and rival EMC, which acquired Legato in 2003, is planning its own upgrade for later this year.

Both vendors are looking to widen the scope of their current offerings, with Symantec revamping its pricing and tying its Enterprise Vault archiving technology closer to its security products.

Email is fast emerging as the "smoking gun" of corporate litigation, prompting many firms to rethink their retention strategies. (See Email Looms as IT Threat and Stop That Email!) Email archiving has already proved to be crucial in at least one high-profile legal dispute. (See A Fine Mess and Storage Goes to Law School.)

Symantec, which has been struggling with its storage business, is looking to repackage its email security products into what it describes as its "Information Foundation." (See Symantec Struggles Continue and Symantec Reports Q3 Results.) Planned for availability starting Monday, the package includes the Symantec Mail Security gateway and Enterprise Vault products.

The idea is that products within Information Foundation are sold as a pre-integrated package and priced with a single subscription fee, removing the need for users to juggle separate software licenses.

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