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Switch Hits

My tiny beaver ears are positively aflame from the barrage of rumors and innuendo about what's going down in the SAN switching space. As usual, the scuttlebutt I hear from a rather motley bunch of woodland creatures is impossible to officially verify, so take it for what it is. Kinda like hot dogs from a New York street vendor. Anyway, keep flickin' the moist gristle my way at [email protected]. And check out my previous columns, chock-full of unusual and hilarious items (see Live and Let Die, Scratch My Back, and Dear Byte and Switch...).

Dear Bob the Beaver,

Any update on the deal McData Corp. (Nasdaq: MCDTA) was negotiating for high-end SAN switch startup Sanera Systems Inc.? [See Is McData Lowballing Sanera? and Sources: McData to Buy Sanera.]


Dear Mac,

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