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Surviving Collaboration in 2006

Podcast - Collaboration On The Go - Surviving Collaboration in 2006. Every year, Network Computing produces a special issue called the "Survivor's Guide". This is where we talk about what happened in the previous year, what will happen in the next year, and some predictions as to where technology, companies and the industry will go. In the first half of this podcast, I talk about our new core area "Messaging & Collaboration". I'll go over why we made this change, what will be covered, and some predictions on where the industry is going. The second half of the podcast covers "Hot & Not" technologies and companies to watch. In the printed article, I couldn't go very deep into why I felt some technologies and companies deserved to be called out or praised. Fortunately I have this podcast medium which can supplement my printed works. If you're wondering why I declared XMPP a "Not", or declared Real Networks a company to watch, you can hear about it here.

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The music featured in this episode is called "Music for a Future City", by Camtarn. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.