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Survey: Storage Practices Don't Match Policies

MINNEAPOLIS -- While implementing data storage policies that mandate where company files are to be stored is a popular data-protection measure, employees are not necessarily complying, leaving organizations vulnerable to data loss. These are the results of a recent online survey* conducted by Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of Ontrack® Data Recovery solutions and legal technologies products and services.

Specifically, 40 percent of individuals surveyed stated that their respective company has a policy regarding where data should be stored. However, the survey results also revealed that 61 percent of respondents “usually” save to a local drive instead of a company network. The risks associated with saving to a local drive could be minimized with an external backup drive or backup software; however, 44 percent of respondents said that their preferred storage location was not backed up.

“Saving to a local hard drive on a desktop or laptop more often than not contradicts data storage policies, which usually require employees to save to a network folder. Instating a guideline to save documents to a network better ensures the employee data is regularly backed up in accordance with company data retention procedures, reducing the chance of data loss,” says Jeff Pederson, manager of operations for Ontrack Data Recovery, a business division of Kroll Ontrack. “With the majority of employees saving to unprotected, local drives, companies could be at risk for losing anything from project plans and spreadsheets to customer data and financial information.”

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