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Survey Reveals Archiving Need

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Email archiving is still in its infancy, according to independent survey results today released by C2C, the leading supplier of enterprise email archiving software. While IDC forecasts email archiving applications to see an annual growth rate of 23.4 percent through 2011, only a small percentage of the companies polled have a solution in place, but the interest level is high. User time constraints, costs, searchability and recovery are among the most problematic factors in email management and are escalating interest and activity in this rapidly growing market.

The recently conducted third-party email archiving and management survey featured hundreds of respondents, including network administrators, system managers and other IT personnel from organizations of all sizes, who were asked questions pertaining to their companys email infrastructure and the methods they use to archive email data for long-time retention and to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Among the survey’s findings:

  • Only 24 percent of respondents named an email archiving product or solution when asked to describe their current email archiving solution. Thirty-seven percent were under the impression that using PSTs is the same as email archiving, while 39 percent confuse backup and email archiving.
  • The most important consideration of email system recovery and data re-acquisition is the time to restore email system availability (85 percent of respondents agreeing) with the ability to restore archived data to any convenient device with immediate access to the recovered data (78 percent of respondents agreeing to each).
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