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Suppliers of Indistinction

4:30 PM -- Storage companies spend hours describing themselves to customers and prospects, to the press, and to investors. So how come they can't do better when describing themselves in print?

Like other Business 101 graduates, I know the difference between a descriptor and a mission statement. But given the descriptions most storage outfits give on their Websites and in press releases, I'd hate to read the long version.

  • _______, a global provider of heterogeneous integrated data protection solutions.
  • _______, the leading provider of complete, enterprise-class iSCSI storage area network (SAN) solutions.
  • _______, the award winning market leader for professional data archival solutions.

To further illustrate, below is a quiz. We've listed real company descriptors taken from recent press releases and from the Websites of some household-name storage suppliers, as well as some high-profile startups. They are in no particular order. Can you guess who they are?

  1. _______, the leading developer of proven data protection solutions.
  • 1