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Sun To Offer Free App Server As Base For J2EE 1.4

Sun Microsystems is offering a free version of its application server as the reference architecture for J2EE 1.4.
The move is one of several upcoming Java releases that Sun is banking on to earn revenue and build out a broad infrastructure for developing, deploying and managing Web services on myriad devices, said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's software executive vice president.

Schwartz said Sun is providing its own application server for free as the J2EE 1.4 reference implementation to enable more widespread adoption of Web services on the J2EE platform. The move in no way will affect the business of J2EE vendors, such as IBM and BEA Systems, which already have their own specialized implementations, he said.

"J2EE is a commodity," Schwartz said. "BEA and IBM don't make money [on] J2EE," they make it on the added functionality and solutions they offer on top of their J2EE-compatible software, he said.

Anyone downloading the reference implementation/application server is free to use any of the source code for a new J2EE implementation, he added.

J2EE 1.4 is the Web services release of the specification for providing enteprise-scale Java applications. It supports various Java APIs to support XML-based Web services, as well as Basic Profile 1.0 from the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I), which provides interoperability guidelines for using SOAP, WSDL and other standards.

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