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Sun Continues To Waffle On Possibility of Joining Eclipse

Executives from Sun Microsystems continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to the possibility of Sun joining the Eclipse Foundation.

During a keynote Thursday morning at EclipseCon, Sun Chief Technology Evangelist Simon Phipps again clarified Sun's reasons for not yet joining the Eclipse Foundation, but insisted the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor might join the open-source software organization sometime in the future.

"Sun's joining Eclipse is still in the cards," Phipps said, adding that the company continues to participate in negotiations regarding membership in the group.

To his credit Phipps, who spent a number of years at IBM before joining Sun four years ago, did voice one of the most credible reasons for Sun's not joining Eclipse, saying it didn't make sense from purely a business perspective.

"Sun won't use Eclipse because we've already spent so much investing in NetBeans," he said. "Sun doesn't intend to produce an Eclipse product any more than IBM intends to produce a product on NetBeans."

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