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A Subtle Pattern Begins to Emerge...

You know, sometimes a theme is carefully thought out and planned, and sometimes it just happens. It looks like we've got one of the second sort of themes going on here, as we have the latest in an on-going series of interviews focused on privacy and data security issues. Of course, most of the security stories that have made headlines lately have been privacy and data security stories, so I suppose it's not a real stretch to see them here, but it's been fascinating to hear the different takes on the subject. This week's interview is with Dan Verton, author of The Insider: A True Story. He did research on a number of companies and reached some interesting conclusions; I think my favorite is that most companies have no idea where much of their data is stored at any given time. You can hear this and other observations here, in this week's podcast.

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The music in this podcast is "Polymorphic Journey" from the album Secret Journey by NumberSix. They're an Internet-savvy group, and you can find their album here. Give them a listen.