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Study: 45% Of Workers Steal Data When Changing Jobs

Nearly half of professionals from across a wide range of industries admit they have taken data with them -- everything from documents and lists to sales proposals and contracts -- when they've changed jobs.

What about safeguards? Seems workers aren't all that concerned with them -- or getting past them, at least.

According to the international Information Security Survey, users polled said they don't see their companies' IT security practices as obstacles to accessing data from outside company walls or to walking out the door with it in their bag or thumb drive.

They're also aware that if they're capable of taking critical information home with them, others are, too. The survey showed that 39% of workers have printed a document out rather than forward it on electronically to try to minimize the number of paths it could take out of the building.

The study, which was commissioned by enterprise rights management company Liquid Machines, was conducted by online survey services provider Zoomerang. More than 900 professionals, with 84% in the United States, were polled over a one-month period earlier this year.

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