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Storwize Offers Predictor

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Storwize Inc., the only provider of primary storage data compression solutions, today announced the debut of its PrediSave host-based software that offers users and potential customers an accurate prediction of storage capacity savings they can expect to achieve after implementing a Storwize appliance into their network architecture.

The predictive tool provides true ROI assessment of adopting a Storwize STN-6000 to provide primary storage compression without any obligation or commitment on the part of the user to purchase the company’s appliance. The easy-to-use software can be set to examine predetermined directories, file types or entire systems and return details about what kinds of data are currently being stored and how much space can be saved after compression.

“PrediSave is a valuable assessment tool that allows companies to examine their network data and determine if and how they will save through the use of our innovative compression technology,” said Jon Ash, VP Sales North America for Storwize. “By empowering potential customers with information on how much savings they can realize in not only primary storage reduction but in operational expenses, management and maintenance expenses as well, we are providing them with valuable information about their own infrastructure that allows them to make the best decision possible concerning how to best proceed in providing for the future of their company’s growing data demands.”

Storewize Inc.