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Storewiz Intros Product Line

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Storewiz Inc., the only provider of innovative online storage compression solutions, today introduced its STN-6000T product line - a set of third-generation data compression appliances built around a new multi-core compression architecture that features state-of-the-art processors, more efficient algorithms, an improved compression ratio, a robust architecture for all future developments and other enhancements that enable the most data-intensive enterprises to maximize their growing network infrastructure at a fraction of their current cost. Designed for enterprise implementations, the new appliances are designed to provide impressive compression rates without affecting the performance of applications connected to the network.

The STN-6000 line is launching with two products targeted at companies with a wide range of applications:

  • STN-6300 is ideally suited for departmental/remote office,
    distributed applications and archival/ compliance. The STN-6300 delivers the availability, reliability and efficiency organizations require while reducing the time and equipment costs typically associated with data management.
  • STN-6500 is ideally suited to handle the demanding performance and
    scalability requirements of enterprise business and technical applications.

    By eliminating the need for network reconfiguration, the STN-6500 provides superior flexibility to quickly respond to evolving business needs.

    "Without question, Storewiz is leading the way for this critical new market of primary storage capacity optimization," said Brad O'Neill, Senior Analyst with Taneja Group. "Storewiz is demonstrating to enterprise IT that optimizing application data in real-time with advanced compression software is a very high-value function. Not only can it reduce primary storage costs and improve storage utilization, it also plays a key role in improving storage performance as well. Akin to how de-duplication approaches have optimized backup and archiving in the enterprise, primary storage optimization software will also soon become a defacto fixture in enterprise data centers. I believe Storewiz is in an excellent position to drive this new category's growth."

    Storewize Inc.