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StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere Revolutionizes eDiscovery "Early Case Assessment"

AUSTIN, Texas, January 27, 2010  StoredIQ, a leading provider of Intelligent Information Management and eDiscovery technologies, is revolutionizing early case assessment (ECA) with StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere. This innovative, novel approach enables ECA prior to preservation and collection, without requiring the movement of data from where it natively resides. This powerful ability to perform early case analysis on data "in the wild" gives legal counsel the ability to assess the merits of a dispute, formulate a legal strategy, and make decisions concerning the matter significantly faster than traditional ECA.

"StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere is designed to enable the litigant's counsel to conduct early case assessment at the earliest stages of eDiscovery without having to migrate ESI from various sources, in the wild, into a centralized repository," said Vivian Tero, program manager, GRC Infrastructure with IDC. "Enabling the legal team to gauge the merits of a matter and to forecast its associated costs early on provides a compelling value proposition. The litigant's counsel can determine the appropriate litigation strategy much earlier while spending less."

Prior to any collection of data, StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere gives legal counsel the ability to dynamically tune searches, review analytics, and modify custodian lists to accurately narrow the preserved and collected set of data subject to the "duty to preserve," mitigating further legal risks and providing a legally defensible audit trail. Leveraging patent-pending technologies, Analyze Anywhere can provide much deeper insight into ESI, enabling it to precisely find data beyond traditional custodian associations even in obfuscated data sources such as file shares and SharePoint. Additionally, Analyze Anywhere will find and recommend additional, potentially relevant custodians that were not previously known to be connected to a matter.

Through StoredIQ's data classification technology, the business context of data in its native location is not only available to the ECA user, but is also captured and pushed downstream to traditional review tools enabling a more contextually rich review experience. By using Analyze Anywhere, legal counsel can reduce the potentially matter-relevant ESI to the smallest legally defensible, yet qualitatively enriched, data set, thereby dramatically lowering the cost of downstream formal review.

StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere is powered by a legal-friendly eDiscovery workflow which includes dynamic visuals, detailed reports and intuitive dashboards to accomplish in-depth analysis of unwieldy amounts of discovered data. The user interface includes a running count of the files eliminated from consideration, and automatically calculates the potential savings from the formal review cycle. StoredIQ's new approach to early case assessment effectively compresses the EDRM, allowing legal counsel to now analyze data without moving it, and do so much earlier in the eDiscovery process, saving substantial time and money.

"Through our field level engagements with numerous law firms and general counsels, we believe StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere has the legal-friendly features and functionality, allowing legal counsel to now analyze data without moving it," said Keith Zoellner, CTO of StoredIQ. "By giving Legal the power to perform ECA near the beginning of the eDiscovery workflow, early case assessment finally provides real value and achieves the goals it originally set out to accomplish for improved legal strategy and cost reduction."